Is Acrylic better than Laminates?

It is important to make sure you look behind the finish so you will not be palmed off with poor quality materials and construction that will shorten the life of your kitchen. Choosing the perfect finishes will affect the look and feel of your kitchen so requires careful thought.

Two of the most similar countertop materials are laminate and acrylic and they both have a plastic-like glossy finish. However, there are many factors on which the two can be compared and you can decide whether you should get acrylic or laminate coatings for your kitchen designs.

Acrylic panels are high-gloss panels manufactured using style lite high-gloss acrylic board which creates an ultra high-gloss ripple free surface. Also, edged in acrylic creates a seamless appeal whilst preventing UV and colour fade. Acrylic does not chip or delaminate, minor scratches and scuffs can be removed and polished out.

On the other hand, laminate coatings are affordable, heat resistant, moisture-free, and thus, can be preserved from bacteria easily. It comes along with a variety of color options. They are also available in a glossy finish but are comparatively less reflective leaving the overall look less striking.

Acrylic panels are mouldable and can provide a seamless worktop with smooth and stylish edges which are great for all types of kitchens be it modern or traditional.

For the normal maintenance of acrylic panels, you only need a soft cloth and basic detergent. They are designed to be resistant to fading from prolonged exposure to light, whereas, laminate countertops are easily damaged, and they aren’t repairable.

Laminate coatings are not scratch-resistant and it cannot maintain its appearance for years. Acrylic countertops remain the same even after decades. One has to be slightly careful with laminate worktops so as to avoid getting scratches on it. If you are keen on having laminate worktops but also wish to get durability then you have to choose laminate with an extra coating.

Since most lighting tends to highlight the upper cabinets, use acrylic finishes on them for a glossy, attractive look. Choose laminate for lower cabinets since they are more prone to wear and tear. You can choose textures and colours that complement each other for a coordinated look. Decide on the best finish for your kitchen cabinets depending on your use, budget, and tastes.

However, they differ in terms of several aspects be its visual appeal, pricing or durability. We hope that the above information will help you choose the right cabinetry finish that suits your kitchen aesthetics the best.