4 Design Inspirations For The Modular Kitchen Of YOUR Dreams

Modular kitchens have evolved a lot over the past few years with diverse new finishes to give your kitchen an aesthetic look and better functionality. It has become a style affirmation whether it is a contemporary and modern or a traditional design for houses. The finish defines the look of the entire space and can impact the rest of the interior designing.

Suraj Acrylic Panels, created with exquisite craftsmanship, have always played their part in turning your house into a dream home. From the extravagant finishes that compliment your taste to the varied shades of color that suit your aesthetic requirements, Suraj acrylic panels will always give you the best of both worlds.

Being recently acknowledged, globally, as an A-rated brand in terms of quality and technology, our panels have consistently been the first choice for all interior designers. Always aspiring to give a heartbeat to the heart of your home, the kitchen, Suraj Acrylic Panels have curated 4 special designs available in a matt, gloss, high gloss and glass finish, with colors across the spectrum that will inspire you to build a kitchen you’ve always been dreaming of. Whether a minimalist look or a traditional design, there’s a style and finish that will suit any space.



Giving an ultra-modern and sleek look to your kitchen, AcryGlo panels are a perfect blend of luxury and elegance that exude beauty and amplify your kitchen space. These panels are an epitome of radiance along with personified cleanliness making your kitchen look dramatically luxurious and polished. Their glossy finish reflects light brilliantly and brings opulence to your space making it look larger than ever. These panels are therefore great for smaller spaces especially for small kitchen layouts. Being scratch-proof and easy-to-clean, these panels are perfect for kitchen application that help you keep your kitchen immaculate and flawless.



Delivering a soft, subtle and sophisticated matte finish, AcryMatte panels are rapidly growing popular in modern kitchen and interior designs. These panels add a warm and pleasing effect to your space that elevates the beauty of it by giving it a greater clarity and depth. Its supreme matte finish and subtle earthy tones grant an ultra-fine appearance that camouflages imperfections such as scratches and fingerprints by making them less noticeable.

Gracing your kitchen perfectly, these panels includes both traditional and modern colors that suit every taste.



Our AcryLux paneled kitchens offer the perfect canvas for the most dramatic use of colours and refinement to your kitchen to create an overall look that’s quaint yet classy. It is a breakthrough product in gloss acrylic panels that offers three innovations in gloss surfaces: the most scratch resistant gloss surface available, impeccable surface consistency, and color richness that enhances depth and clarity in any style of kitchen space. 



Glass adds luxury to your kitchen, makes it look clean and polished and offers an enduring beauty like no other surfacing product. Your kitchen will most definitely stand out with our beautiful AcryGlass panels that offer glass effect colour intensity with innovative panels which cannot be shattered by any impact. These are scratch resistant with no polishing necessary ever and can be easily cleaned. They have strong resistant against high temperatures, so that it can be glued directly onto a gas stove.