Surajwood Acrylic Panels

Surajwood Acrylic Panels are known for their extravagant beauty and unrealistic perfection. From the technology they are made with to their colors and finishes, everything about them is lavish.

Surajwood Acrylic Panels stands strong on its 4 pillars of strength and uniqueness; Acrylux, Acryglo, Acrymatte and Acryglass. Each of them have their own versatile features that fit flawlessly with any desired design.

Let’s have a look at them seriatim.



These panels exude a subtle sheen with a velvety smooth texture making any space look more glorious and luxurious than ever. Having an exorbitant range of colors, these panels will always be in line with the wishes of your dream interior. Their silky soft finish and deep hues remain intact as these panels are scratch resistant with a high UV/ color stability.


These panels lay out a brilliant glow that embellishes your homes with a magnificent interior. Their astounding luster creates an illusion that makes any room look remarkably spacious and opulent. These panels extend in a beautiful span of colors that covers all your aspirations of a dream home. They stand high on the grounds of quality and durability thereby having a long lasting finish and complete flawlessness.


These panels exhibit a glamorous flat finish with no sheen that covers all surface imperfections making them an epitome of excellence and elegance. The core material is carefully selected by SurajWood to have low surface variance, which makes it suitable for interior vertical surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, vanities, closets, furniture, as well as store fixtures & displays. Their color palette represents the splendid earthy tones of the landscapes around us.



These panels lay out a superior glass like finish with a high-gloss appearance providing a modern and sleek look to your kitchen splash-backs, bathrooms, feature walls and offices.  These panels can be used to transform any flat vertical surface into a high visibility surface that is impact resistant giving it a stunning look and shine. They are a standout amongst all the other panels in terms of creating a fresh and clean European look with a luxurious and distinguished finish.