Why Acrylic Panels?

In the modern era, interior designing is like giving a soul to your living space making it more beautiful aesthetically. It exudes the unique expression of one’s personality and improves their quality of life through design.

In ‘Interior Designing’, cabinets and wardrobes play a highly significant role and therefore it is important to take some time to choose the best for your space. This is where ‘Acrylic Panels’ come into play. Acrylic panels are scratch, chemical, electrical and thermal resistant. They are easy to maintain, cost effective and available in wide range of colors and finishes. These unique physical properties and exceptional performance characteristics have made them a popular choice among the designers.

Here is all you need to know about the options that will help you decide what type of finish you must get for your cabinets and wardrobes:


Our Acrylic panels come in 4 categories: Acrylux, Acryglo, Acrymatte and Acryglass. Each of these have a unique finish that best suits your designer taste-buds.

  • Acrylux and Acryglo have a semi to high gloss finish respectively. This helps them reflect more light making any space look big. They are also anti-fingerprinting and thermally resistant making them the best choice for kitchen purposes.
  • Acrymatte has a smooth matte finish that covers imperfections in surfaces. Their elegant non-reflective finish makes them exceptionally attractive for home interiors.
  • Acryglass replicates the look of real glass, adding a colorful tint to the panels with robust durability and light weight. They can be used in almost every setting, from bedroom wardrobes to kitchen cabinets.


  • Acrylic panels are available in a wide range of vibrant colors. They are UV light resistant which helps them retain their hue and brightness for years.
  • Apart from colors, these are also available in various textures like metallic or wood.

Maintenance and Durability:

  • Acrylic panels are scratch resistant that helps maintain their flawlessly smooth appearance Acrylux and Acryglo have anti-fingerprinting that makes them even more easier to maintain
  • Acrylic panels are hard-wearing and durable as they are moisture and thermal resistant
  • Surajwood Acrylic Panels are made with ‘European Technology’ that prevents delamination and gives a higher quality finished product.

Decide on the best finish and color for your living space depending on your use, budget and taste to enhance the overall look and feel of your interior.